The Power of Engagement - Bradford, Midland Hotel, 14th November 9.30-13.00

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Join us at our forthcoming workshop to discuss how to raise outcomes and improve well-being at your school by listening to teachers, children and parents.

When young people are involved in decisions about their learning they become more motivated, develop a more positive attitude and this helps raise outcomes - Professor Jean Rudduck

When teachers have a say in school decision-making, this leads to a better learning environment for students, which in turn raises attainment - Richard Kahlenberg

When parents are engaged in their child's learning it is equivalent to adding 2-3 years to that child's education - Professor John Hattie

In building effective schools it is crucial therefore that  senior leaders and governors listen to these key voices and bring them together to build a common sense of purpose. Valuing teachers as professionals, involving students as active participants in their education and treating parents as genuine partners helps to create a strong and resilient school community that is best placed to meet the needs of the community it exists to serve.

Join Fiona Carnie and colleagues at this workshop to discuss how voice and participation contribute to improved outcomes for students. Hear how different schools have developed effective ways of involving their parents, their students and their staff in decisions which affect them. Build evidence of transparency and accountability for Ofsted in their judgement on leadership and management.

Drawing on research, inspirational practice and school transformation resources, explore how you can build a future for your school that makes the most of the talent and commitment within your school community. Using a range of case studies we will look at how innovative schools develop participative approaches to actively engage their teachers, students and parents and create a dynamic and forward-facing learning community.

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Published: 10/10/2018
Audience: Heads, senior leaders, governors, teachers, local authority advisers, MATs
Contact: Alternatives in Education

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