Library Tickets for Bradford Libraries ... A Mystery - We Need Your Help

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We have received at City Library about a hundred library joining forms from an unknown school. Do you know if you are the person who handed them into the library sometime in September ?

There are probably over 100 forms, and they seem to be from a really sprawling area of Keighley (despite the fact that the forms were handed into City Library).  All postcodes are BD21/22 (which basically covers the whole of Keighley) but there does seem to be quite a concentration of students from the Broomhill/Wheathead/Exley area. The nearest primaries could be Nessfield, Ingrow and Holycroft.

They are all being kept securely at Keighley Library until we can find the sender.

Are you expecting a bundle of tickets for your school? If so, please could you either contact Frances Bancroft Team Leader at Keighley Library T: 01535 618212 or Christinea Donnelly Development Officer for Children and Young People T: 01274 433915




Published: 04/10/2018
Audience: Primary Head Teachers Literacy Coordinators Primary Class Teachers
Contact: Christinea Donnelly

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