New arrangements for Prevention and Early Help

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From 1 October, new arrangements come into effect for the way in which the Council provides its Prevention and Early Help services. The arrangements were agreed by the Council’s Executive in April.

Prevention and Early Help is the name we give to the way we support families and communities in Bradford. 

Prevention is about stopping problems emerging in the first place. Early Help is about preventing problems that are happening from getting worse.

It is about making sure families receive prompt and assertive help as early as possible when needs are identified, either by families themselves asking for help or professionals having worries or seeing needs before they become problematic.

Most prevention and early help services that are available for all babies, children, young people and families are now delivered or co-ordinated by our four new Family Hubs. This includes the children’s centre core offer. Information about Family Hubs and what they offer is available on the Council’s website.

The new Family Hubs will work closely with local schools and voluntary and community groups to support families and to help improve the lives of everyone in their area.

They will also work alongside other council services such as the SEND Inclusive Education Service, other education services, as well as with the police, health services and our youth teams so that we can deliver the best support possible for communities and families in the district.

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Published: 28/09/2018
Audience: Everyone
Contact: Gillian Mayfield

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