VERVE child interaction training with Keena Cummins

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VERVEing: i.e developing self awareness through video and freeze frame in order to expand our skills in all aspects of leadership, teaching and learning.

The 20% of the things that have 80% of value and impact are:

  • The role of mutual regulation on emotional development, communication and learning
  • Mutual Face watching for regulation, positive interactions/behaviour, self resourcing, feedback, repair and scaffolding/sharing of ideas
  • Silence to allow exploration, initiation, contribution, self motivation and perseverance
  • Witnessing and propagating emerging skills 
  • Feeding the habits you want to grow. Developing self resilience


  • The value of video self reflection - witnessing connection and concentration
  • Mutual face watching- it's impact on independence and the development of interactive and cognitive self-regulation.
  • Developing mutual face watching, regulation, exploration, experimentation and independent learning
  • video examples - developing mutual face watching, shifting from 'passive', 'responder' to initiator and independent learner.
  • Model of VERVEing - How to support ourselves in developing mutual face watching and independent learning.
  • Implications on class delivery



Published: 20/09/2018
Audience: Nursery and Primary Leaders and Teachers
Contact: Paul Butler

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