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We have recently set up a School Uniform Bank in the Shipley, Windhill & Wrose and Baildon area. Our aim is to support families in financial need by redistributing good quality uniform and other related sundries via a confidential referral system, accessed via schools and community links.

All schools within the above council wards should have received a Schools Information Pack in July, if not please contact us and we will re-send this information. We have had a very positive response from the local community, schools, council services and other areas of family support, and have already received and filled referrals to support local families.

Due to the initial level of donations received, we are rapidly out-growing our current storage for the Uniform bank and are on the look-out for available rooms/premises in and around the Shipley/Baildon/Windhill areas. As well as contacting local businesses, we are also contacting schools within the area who may have space available.

** What do we need? **

  • A room approximately 200-300 sq. ft. with electricity, which will give us room to store our donations, sort new donations and fill referrals, that we can access during the day at least once a week (must include Wednesdays), OR
  • A storage room approx. 100-150 sq. ft.  for all our donations that leads on to a room with electricity that we have use of during the day at least once a week to sort donations + fill referrals (must include Wednesdays).
  • Relatively close to Shipley/Baildon/Windhill/Wrose areas but we can be flexible dependant on location.
  • Costs to be discussed - we fully understand there may be costs involved and can discuss this with the right premise holder.
  • The room does NOT need to be accessible to the general public.
  • Our donations are all clean items of uniform, footwear, coats, and stationery items. They are dropped off by the public at various permanent donation points and picked up and washed by volunteers, before being counted and put in with our stock in storage.

Please contact us if your school is able to help, would like to get involved in any other way, or would like more information about our project to pass on to parents. At present we are not able to expand beyond the three council wards named above, but do include secondary schools which serve these communities within our listings. However we may consider expanding after our initial pilot year.



Published: 19/09/2018
Audience: Chair of Governors, Headteacher, Family support
Contact: Shipley Area School Uniform Bank

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