Notifications of Domestic Violence Incidents - Urgent request

To be completed by: Mon 24 Sep 2018

Time: -Mon 24 Sep 2018 | Venue:

Notifications of Domestic Violence Incidents - Urgent request

The Corporate Contact Centre has recently been asked to temporarily cover the sending of notifications to schools of domenstic violence incidents where children have been present.  This role commenced on 11 September 2018 and it has become apparent very quickly how out of date the shared list of contacts is.  Daily the Corporate Contact Cenre is receiving multiple bounce back emails and phone calls stating that the school or the police Named Officer has changed or left.

Clearly this raises a concern that there could be a possible Safeguarding or Data Protection risk if we are sending notifications to the wrong person or where the school doesn't receive the notification at all.

Could you please provide a generic email address rather than a named individual email adress to by Monday 24 September 2018 where notifications of Domestic Violence Incidents can be sent for children attending your school.

Many thanks

Alina Tai


Published: 19/09/2018
Audience: All schools
Contact: Alina Tai

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