Drama & technology opportunity - The Fallen Governor A Roman Murder Mystery

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Following on from the success of the Bradford Poisonings Victorian Drama, Alex Fellowes and Tim Bleazard, Curriculum Innovation Service, bring this dramatic Roman story to life in your school.

The house slave Marcus was the one who discovered the body. His master Lucius was lying on the floor in the atrium. Marcus knew he had to act quickly. Running back through the vestibulum, he found the huge wooden door open and yelled at the top of his voice, “Help! Help! My master is dying. Fetch a doctor!” It was all too late. Lucius, the Governor of the Roman town of Bradcaster, was dead. Now it’s up to you to see if you can solve what has happened.

Children take active roles as the story unfurls, discovering clues that help them solve the mystery and find out about Roman life in Britain and
tensions with the native Celts. iPads will be used by children to help them record their findings and document the experience.

There will also be a bank of materials to use after the event to support writing through further historical enquiry and use of technology.

This event is £250 for a half-day session including all materials and can be hosted in-school or at The Innovation Centre Bradford.

Please contact us on 01274 434818 or Tim on 07961 213 553 or email tim.bleazard@theinnovationcentres.com to book your session.


Published: 07/09/2018
Audience: All primary school staff
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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