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Eligible parents who want their 3 or 4 year old child to start a 30 hour place from 1st September 2018 must have applied for and received their code dated 31st August or before. If a parent brings a code (beginning 50) dated 1st September onward you cannot offer their child a place.

In a few cases a parent may be issued with a temporary code (beginning “11”) and the parent will receive an email or letter, which will include an “application date” to indicate when the parent initially applied. Parents issued with a temporary code may have their code dated up to 14 days after the 1st September. Parents can use this e-mail or letter as evidence that they are eligible. Any 11 codes dated 1st-14th September without this evidence will not be funded.

If you are a provider offering 30 hour places ensure you are up to date on what to do and what support you can receive by looking at the 30 hour childcare page on BSO

Remember providers must check any new eligibility codes using the Funded 30 Hour Checker before offering a place.

Parents who are accessing a 30 hour funded place this term need to know that it is their responsibility to reconfirm their code in order to access a place from September 2018. A poster is available to display at your setting, put on websites/ social media, newsletters etc. there is also a guide for parents to disseminate to your 30 hour parents.

These documents can be accessed through BSO on the 30 hour page

Guidance on reconfirming codes

Is it time to reconfirm your 30 hour code POSTER

Guidance for parents on reconfirming their code


Published: 09/08/2018
Audience: All 30 hour early education providers.
Contact: Kay Holden

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