Parents’ Aspiration for their Child Trial (PACT)

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Schools sought for test project

The Widening Participation Department at King’s College London is seeking expressions of interest from schools interested in participating in a new project -- the Parents’ Aspiration for their Child Trial (PACT). The project will test two low-cost interventions designed to positively influence parental expectations and aspirations for their child’s prospects of attending and succeeding at university.

This project is a collaboration between researchers at the King’s College London and the Behavioural Insights Team. Students from Harvard University conceived of this project on an immersive field course last year.

What are we testing?

  1. A modified school/parent contract, where parents make an additional commitment to support their child in their preparation for university or other forms of further education
  2. A cover letter that accompanies school reports which explains how a child’s current performance in certain subjects could lead to particular degrees or careers. (See attached information sheet for mock-ups)

How would participation benefit your school?

  1. We believe that the interventions will increase the chance of your schools’ pupils attending university.
  2. Each participating school will receive a summary report that measures parent aspirations related to university, as measured by project surveys. This will give you an insight into the attitudes of your schools’ parents towards higher education, and how your school compares to other participating schools.

What are we looking for in partner schools?

  • The information sheet (attached) contains more details about the project and what participating will mean for schools.
  • In general, we are looking for schools that are willing to share some student-level data (on an anonymised basis -- we do not require names).
  • We would also need your help making sure that our interventions and surveys reach the right parents and students.


How do I get involved?

If you are interested in participating or have any further questions, please contact Eleri Burnhill ( It would be helpful if you could indicate whether your school:

  1. Issues termly reports to Years 7-9, and
  2. Issues school/parent contracts each year for Years 7-9 (or would be open to doing so).


Full details of the project are on the attached PACT information sheet:


PACT Information Sheet



Published: 06/08/2018
Audience: Headteachers and Teachers of Years 7-9
Contact: Paul Mitchell

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