Permanent Exclusion Charging Agreement Update and Consolidation

To be completed by: Fri 28 Sep 2018

Time: -Fri 28 Sep 2018 | Venue:

Following the Behaviour Achievement Collaborative (BAC) Strategic Group meeting on 14 May 2018, the group agreed to write to all Head teachers to set out how the BAC works to support meeting the needs of vulnerable learners who are permanently excluded.

This was agreed as we have Headteachers new in post, and to the Authority, for whom this would be helpful.

Bradford secondary schools through the district wide BAC system which operates in three area groups: Central, South and Three Valleys are committed to the following outcomes:

  • No schools judged to be unsatisfactory for behaviour by Ofsted.
  • Reductions in persistent low level disruption.
  • Significant year on year reductions in the level of permanent exclusion, fixed term
    exclusion and the exclusion of particular vulnerable groups.
  • Significant year on year improvements in attendance.
  • Improvements in the educational attainment and personal development of vulnerable targeted groups of pupils.

All the schools participating in the BAC work collaboratively to support these outcomes. One of the ways schools support each other and the young people of Bradford is to secure school places for young people who have been permanently excluded (and assessed as being able to manage in mainstream) without delay. All permanently excluded young people will now be placed using the fair access process (FAP). The BACs will monitor pupil progress for the first term of the placement.

In recognition of the costs to support a young person through the process of a permanent exclusion and re-integration into mainstream or other educational setting the BAC currently charge £8,000 from the excluding school. This is collected by the BAC to allow them to provide relevant support to the young person through the exclusion and in their reintegration, for example, meeting the cost of referrals to other agencies and payments to receiving schools to provide ongoing additional support. Where a child is placed into a school within another BAC, the delegated money (£8,000) should “follow the young person” from their excluding school to that BAC.

Following the permanent exclusion the Fair Access Process (FAP) should be followed. The FAP is currently being updated and will be available on BSO in due course. To ensure equity all schools in the BAC agreed to accept two pupils through the Reintegration after Permanent Exclusion (RAP) process, if numbers of exclusions require this.

Please could you confirm your agreement for this collaborative process to support permanently excluded young people by returning the slip here by Friday 28 September 2018.

Yours sincerely
Lynn Donohue
Interim Strategic Lead - Inclusion
Education and Learning




Published: 26/07/2018
Audience: All Secondary Schools
Contact: Fiona Binns

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