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As part of the community, you will know better than anyone what affects your day-to-day life in Bradford and District. You know what’s really important to you in terms of your family, your friends, your lifestyle and your neighbourhood. We're keen to hear from schools.

As a community we have put ourselves forward and asked Government to support us as one of five areas across Britain to test new and different ways of doing things that will make our community closer and stronger with more opportunity for everyone. That’s why we want you and others in the community to tell us what you think.

Bradford and District has a real opportunity to lead the way and get national and international recognition for finding out what really works in a vibrant, diverse community.

The success of joint initiatives such as Believing in Bradford, Better Start, United Keighley and the People Can project are all proof that Bradford and District can – and does – make positive change when we have a goal and come together to make it possible.

Despite the good progress and the many wonderful initiatives and organisations which are doing so much great work, we know that in a number of areas, there is more we can learn and do better.

Evidence shows that not everyone here has the same opportunity to succeed. Life chances are still too dependent on factors such as where you live, where you go to school, your ethnic background, your age, your gender, your sexuality, the language you speak or the level of your physical abilities. There are pockets of our communities where fear, intolerance, alienation or sense of hopelessness can flourish.

So what can you do? 
This is a chance to help our area and, at the same time, share valuable learning with the rest of the country.

Unfortunately, the deadlines Government have set us are very tight and we need to submit our ideas and plans in August.

And that is where you come in. We need you to get to one of our ‘tell us what you think days’ and also bring people with you. Everyone is welcome, because every opinion matters.

We want hundreds of people to get involved, and we know you are well connected, so please bring as many people along as possible, including family members, friends and colleagues.

Get involved, make a difference
We are holding three ‘Tell Us What You Think’ days across the district run by expert researchers:

10:00-19:00 City Park, Bradford on 17th July
10:00-19:00 Airedale Shopping Centre, Keighley on 23rd July
10:00-19:00 Shipley Library on 26th July

What can you expect?
The events will be informal, welcoming and fun, with refreshments and a chance to really get involved in discussions and debates. Everyone will be welcome to come along and help us test ideas and tell us ‘what a good future would mean for them’.

There will be plenty of opportunity to talk about what matters to you, get involved in workshops, complete surveys and talk in groups. The idea is to create an environment where the widest possible range of people are able to contribute their views.

If you, or anyone you know, needs help getting there or support on the day then please contact us because we don’t want anyone to be left out.

The days will aim to collect ideas on what people believe would really work to help make things better for them and for Bradford and District. For example:

  • Employment opportunities
    • How do we make it easier for people to have equal access and opportunities at work?
    • What stops some people getting a job and how should we overcome this?
  • English language and life
    • How can we help people to learn about and adapt to life in Britain?
    • What stops people learning English?
    • What are the effects of this?
  • Hope for the future
    • How do we make people believe that they have a future in the district?
    • How do we encourage them to stay in Bradford and District to build their lives and those of their families?
  • Creating strong communities
    • How important is it for us to build good relations between older and younger people across the district?
    • What about between people that are different from one another in other ways such as race, male and female, religion, economic standing?
  • Getting on with each other
    • What do you think causes people to be afraid of or frustrated with each other?
    • How do we overcome this?
  • Sharing our spaces and places
    • Where and when do you spend time with people who are different from you?
    • How much do you value spending time with people who are different to you?
    • How and where can this happen?
  • Linking up schools
    • How important is it that our children learn and grow up alongside those from different backgrounds?
    • If important, what may be done to give our children more opportunity to mix?

We’ll also be asking everyone to tell us their personal hopes for the future of Bradford and District.

Shaping the future together
The outcome of the ‘Tell Us What You Think’ days will be a series of recommendations that will help to shape the strategy for a more joined-up Bradford and District and to get some funding to test and learn from the ideas shaped by you and the local community.

This is the start of an exciting journey which will be guided by The Partnership, a group of people from a range of different organisations and backgrounds led by the Bishop of Bradford, Toby Howarth, (interim Chair) and Faatimah Gulshana (interim vice-chair). This is a newly formed group which will decide on our strategy together, having listened to the outcome of the ‘Tell Us What You Think’ days. 

Why Bradford and District?
As a community, we’ve got a long and proud history of coming together with the common goal of improving the lives of everyone living and working in our district.

We’ve been committed for many years to encouraging and nurturing more positive, connected communities by focusing on four principles:

  1. Everybody’s equal
  2. We all have a role to play in community life
  3. We shouldn’t be separated because our backgrounds are different
  4. We should live in safety, free of hate and intolerance

If you want any more information or to talk to someone about this project please email:


More about the research:
We want to make sure we get the views of as many different sections of society as possible. We will be reaching out to a variety of people and will hold private mixed group sessions, but we also feel it is important to hold private sessions with groups who might find it easier to talk among their peers, so they feel confident contributing openly and honestly.

About - ‘Tell us what you think’ workshops:
These will be small groups in a private room with a facilitator. They will each last 1 hour. They will be informal with the focus being on encouraging contributions. There are two types:

  1. Audience specific – where we are bringing a particular audience together that we think will feel more comfortable with their peers. They will explore a range of the issues on the attached list that are most relevant to them/they feel most strongly about.
  2. Subject specific – where we will bring a mixed audience together to discuss one main subject and touch on some of the others too.

We want to make sure we include people who don’t usually get the chance to have their say, and will speak to people from different locations across the community.

To make sure that everyone gets to take part we will have accessible facilities, sign-language experts and translators at each event. We will also have food and drink available and will cater to different dietary requirements.

When arranging to bring people to the event please let us know if you think of anything that may make it more comfortable or easy for them to contribute.

If you would like to act as a representative at one of the events please let us know.


Published: 10/07/2018
Audience: Everyone
Contact: Ian Day

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