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We are currently about to promote the NHS England guidance which pushes self care even in children, in order to support this.

Non-prescription /over the counter (OTC) medication does not need a GP signature/authorisation in order for the school/nursery/childminder to give it.  The guidance now makes it clear that it is appropriate for OTC medicines to be administered by a member of staff in the nursery or school, or self-administered by the pupil during school hours, following written permission by the parents, as they consider necessary.

It is a misuse of GP time to take up an appointment just to acquire a prescription for a medicine wholly to satisfy the needs of a nursery/school.


Tracey Gaston, Head of Medicines Optimisation

NHS Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group & NHS Bradford Districts Clinical Commissioning Group


Published: 03/07/2018
Audience: Headteachers

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