Strengthening Faith Institutions Launched in Bradford

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Launch of Strengthening Faith Institutions(SFI) took place place on Wednesday 20th June at Khidmat Centre attended by more than 100 faith leaders, delegates and stakeholders,

The Council’s Diversity and Cohesion Team and Bradford Council for Mosques joined forced with London based Faiths Forum to launch the Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI) programme in Bradford.

The launch brought together local communities from mosques, gurdwaras, churches, temples and synagogues that are running supplementary educational activities and beyond.

Faith communities make a vital contribution to national life: they guide the moral outlook of many, inspire great numbers of people to public service and provide help to those in need. Across the country, people from different faiths are working hard in countless churches, mosques, temples, gurdwaras, synagogues, other faith institutions, and in charities and community groups, to support their local communities.

But institutions of every faith can face challenges. These can come in many forms: engaging with the wider community, establishing strong governance structures or responding to events in their areas. Sometimes places of worship of different faiths might not be aware of others dealing with the same issues just streets apart.

This programme will support faith institutions facing challeneges, share best practices and connecting faith groups strongly with their communities and other communitie, supporting them to engage with women, young people and places of worship of other religions and creeds.

The programme will be delivered by Bradford Council in partnership with Strengthening Faith Institutions(SFI) and Bradford Council for Mosques.

It is open to all faith groups and for further information please contact Javed Bashir on 01274-439385 or email


Published: 22/06/2018
Audience: All
Contact: Javed Bashir

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