Can Spelling Bees help your school?

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Dixons Marchbank Primary School’s better spelling initiative certainly has and it has grabbed the attention of the local press, Wednesday’s Telegraph & Argus featuring the School’s new Spelling Bee which has been introduced to improve spellings using a competitive edge.

Year 6 teacher, Amanda Stephenson, who organised the event said “the first Dixons Spelling Bee took place two months ago and has helped to significantly improve spellings as children love competing with one other to become class, year, heat and school winners. 

“Our current reigning winners, who had to spell words in front of the whole school, are Raihan Sheikh (year 3) and Umme-Aiman Khan (year 2).  Words included chandelier, kaleidoscope, isosceles, manoeuvre and unparalleled.

“Being confident at spelling leads to confidence in all aspects of literacy and therefore life.“

Helen Haunch, School Principal, continued “the regular Spelling Bee that Amanda has organised has been fantastic. The enthusiasm amongst pupils of all ages is infectious and we find them testing them each other in corridors, playgrounds, at home time and in the dining hall.

“The events themselves are laden with tension and have a fantastic air of friendly competitiveness. The difficulty levels of the words they are learning (linked to the curriculum spellings) are incredible and they are making a real difference not only to our pupils’ spelling ability, but also to the bank of vocabulary they have at their fingertips.

“We are hoping to extend the Bee to include the other primary schools in the Dixons Multi Academy Trust to make it even more exciting.”


Amanda would be happy to share more about how she made this work to such great effect.  She can be contacted by e-mail at or on 01274 772154.


Published: 19/06/2018
Audience: All Primary Schools
Contact: Amanda Stephenson

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