Born in Bradford's - Working With Secondary Schools

To be completed by: Fri 21 Sep 2018

Time: -Fri 21 Sep 2018 | Venue:

BiB would like you to a conference on the 2nd October, 4pm - 7pm at Dixons Kings Academy, you will hear from leading experts and BiB researchers about our groundbreaking research and its impact upon child health and wellbeing.

Born in Bradford (BiB) has worked with over 90 primary schools in the district over the years.  The oldest BiB children (around 800 this year) will start secondary school this September and some of them may well attend your school.  We would like to be able to continue to work with schools to monitor and the children progress as they enter an important phase of their life. 

This event will be an opportunity for secondary schools to ask questions, inform us of what they would like us to research and have discussions of how they can get inovolved, asess resources and time required as well what will be involved.


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Published: 12/06/2018
Audience: Senior Secondary School Teachers
Contact: Aamnah Rahman

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