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Curriculum Innovation Premium Services subscriber schools are eligible to take part in our summer term interactive multimedia detective adventure – Sherkey Flatts. Please see below for an outline of the mystery which has been designed to be given to your pupils as 1 activity a week over 4 weeks. 

All materials can be downloaded from a OneDrive link which will be provided upon request to Curriculum Innovation subsciber schools - please email to request the link.  If you choose you can use the materials as and when you wish over the second half of the Summer term and ignore the deadlines but please note there will be no communication from Sherkey after 6 July.

There is a prize of an iPad mini for the most creative and plausible solution to Activity 4 - in order to be eligible for the prize you need to submit your final scenario by the 6 July, even if you have not met any of the other deadlines.

The Scenario

Kevin Chandler has contacted the police to report having his VR headset stolen. He was at the vets and left it by the side of the chair in the waiting room. There were four people in the waiting room and the receptionist Julia Cole. Your task, should you have the courage to help our detective duo, is to work with Sherkey and Javeria to solve the case and get the VR headset back to Kevin as quickly as possible. Sherkey believes this could be one of his biggest challenges yet, bigger even than the mystery of the cat that gave birth to hamsters and the case of the talking Chihuahua. He is very keen to enrol the help of schools across the region to help him as associate detectives.

The adventure starts week commencing 11 June (but you can run the activities any time over the summer if you wish) and ends on 6 July. There are 4 activities including teaching notes and pupil resources available.

Please send all communication about the mystery directly to


Published: 12/06/2018
Audience: Primary school teachers
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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