Whole Class Mathematics Teaching

To be completed by: Wed 06 Jun 2018

Time: -Wed 06 Jun 2018 | Venue:

This course, created by Sharon Day with a no-nonsense, easy to implement approach will include a demonstration of teaching and give you opportunities for reflection.

Mathematics Mastery involves children working together ‘at broadly the same pace’. It also requires us to develop a ‘can do’ attitude to maths. This can feel to be a very different way of working for some schools and some teachers, particularly if there has been a history of setting or ‘ability group’ working in classrooms. This course will show you how to:  

  • create lessons that interlink, through units of work, utilising a ‘low threshold, high ceiling’ approach
  • explore the use of ‘top teacher, perfect pupil’ (similar to ‘little teacher’ used in Singapore)
  • look at how to challenge the ‘rapid graspers’ whilst not leaving behind the children who need longer to grasp concepts
  • think about scaffolding as opposed to ‘differentiation’

The course is hosted by Eldwick Primary School and is run over two sessions - 




Session 1

Tuesday 11th September

1:30 – 3:30 pm

Session 2

Tuesday 30th October

9:30 am  – 2:30 pm (lunch will be provided)

Please click here for further information and booking details.  Thank you 


Published: 08/06/2018
Audience: Primary School Leaders, Coordinator of Maths, Class Teachers
Contact: Jean Presland

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