Bradford Opportunity Area: Essential Life Skills Grant

To be completed by: Thu 31 May 2018

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DfE recently awarded Bradford additional funding of £5.5m to be invested in an Essential Life Skills (ELS) fund to enable children and young people aged 5 -18 years old to participate in regular extra-curricular activities such as sports, volunteering and social action projects. Funding can be used

Bradford has been designated by the Department for Education (DfE) as one of 12 ‘opportunity areas’. This means that additional funding is being invested in Bradford with the purpose of helping local children get the best start in life, no matter what their background.


Essential Life Skills are the attitudes, skills and behaviours that are thought to underpin success in school and work, and include the ability to respond to setbacks, work well with others, build relationships, communicate effectively, manage emotions, and cope with difficult situations. Such skills are often referred to as ‘social and emotional skills’, ‘soft skills’, ‘non-cognitive skills’ or ‘character’. These include but not limited to:

• Resilience, perseverance and persistence

• Hard work, self-control, discipline, good time keeping

• Self-confidence, leadership and team working

• Honesty, integrity and engaged citizenship

• Attitude, respect and empathy

• Curiosity and problem solving



Year 1 – Activity to run from April 2018 – December 2018

(Summer and Autumn terms)

Year 2 – Activity to run from January 2019 – end of August 2019

(Spring and Summer terms)

Year 3  - Sustainability options to be explored beyond August 2019


It is the intention of the Opportunity Area to make available to all schools/colleges in the Bradford district an additional grant for match funding (approx. £500K) in Year 2 of the Essential Life Skills Programme.  This is aimed at schools and colleges extending activity beyond Aug 2019.  The main criteria for accessing this will be schools/colleges securing other sources of funding*

*other sources of funding could include other grants, awards or secured funds other than from the Essential Life Skills Funding or Opportunity Area investment.

Details on match funding will be made available in the coming year.


For Grant Criteria and further information, please downmload the Essential Life Skills Grant Flyer.


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Published: 04/05/2018
Audience: Governors, Head teachers, Business Managers, Teachers etc.
Contact: Lee AnneSagar

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