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To be completed by: Fri 22 Jun 2018

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A superb opportunity for any secondary age educational establishment to participate in an extra curricular / off site educational activity delivered in a fun environment which supports both physical activity and positive mental health of our young people.

The Bradford Dragonboat Festival has become the largest in Europe and is now featured in the international calendar of events for Dragonboating.  In particular, the Youth Festival is creating a stir and is now available to schools nationally.... but it's held here in Bradford!  Do not let your school miss out on this fantastic opportunity!  Whether you particiapate in the races or not does not matter.  Your students must visit the Career and Education Zone and see what opportunities are available to them. After that....they can have fun! fun! fun! whilst still learning, socialising and participating.  All extremely important in their personal development.

There are amazing prizes for each race category so if you choose to participate then these are the categories:

Junior – Years 7 – 9
Senior – Years 10 – 13
Disability – 11-25 years old

  • Teams should contain up to 16 paddlers and 1 drummer (maximum)
  • They should contain a mix of genders (unless the team is from a strictly all girls/all boys school) 
  • If a school does not have a full team and calls out for help - other school paddlers can join them and help - We are all many parts of one big team!
  • All aspects of safety on the water are covered including buoyancy aids. Details of safety arrangements, including risk assessment information and participants’ medical forms will be issued when you register.
  • No previous experience is necessary (but training can be arranged with Doe Park Water Activities Centre). Please visit the festival website for further information. 
  • The competition is run by fully qualified Race the Dragon Ltd instructors and a professional helmsperson will be in every boat with your team.
  • We ask each team  to raise at least £250 for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal to support local charities.
  • Register your interest now to secure a place as it is free to register but may get sold out very quickly

For more information about the event..... or to register your team....please go to the Dragon Boat Festival website or contact Nicole Stott 07582101131.



Published: 09/04/2018
Audience: Heads, Governors, Heads of Year, health and well being/Healthy school coordinators, extracurricular
Contact: Nicole Stott

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