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50 Things To Do Before You're Five is a new district-wide project that aims to offer families exciting activities, that will enhance their children's language through conversation. A team of Enthusiasts will be trained to help us spread the word by visiting groups to share the resources. Intereste

Fifty Things To Do Before You're Five, an idea formed at St Edmund's Nursery School in Girlington, has been funded by Big Change to develop a project that will improve our youngest children's confidence and vocabulary. We are recruiting more than 50 Enthusiasts to this initiative, a team of people who can attend two half days initial training, and then cascade their enthusiasm for 50 Things To Do Before You're Five to their peers, parent to parents, practitioner to practitioners and teacher to teachers. 

We are developing resources, a web site and a smart phone app, all detailing 50 fun, low cost or no cost activities that will help Bradford children in their language development, through having experiences to talk about with their families.

Enthusiasts will be paid for their time working with groups, which could provide release time from their school or setting. Amongst other things, Enthusiasts will need to demonstrate how they are;

  • Confident when communicating with groups of people
  • Enthusiastic for the 50 Things project
  • Well organised and a reliable timekeeper

Enthusiasts need to have personal or professional experience of children under five and be prepared to gather data that will help to evaluate the 50 Things project . We have a presence on social media - on Twitter as @fiftythingstodobeforeyourefive and we have a page on Facebook. 


If you would like an application form or to discuss the role further, please contact Andrea Layzell at andrea.layzell@stedmundsbradford.org.uk


Published: 19/02/2018
Audience: teachers and practitioners working with children from birth to five
Contact: Andrea Layzell

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