Dinosaur Detective and Evolution Workshops at Cliffe Castle Museum

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Reception and KS1 pupils can enjoy a hands on and fun exploration of dinosaur features and classification using real fossil bones and teeth in our workshops for Reception and Years 1 & 2.

In specially created notebooks, pupils will communicate and record their ideas using observational drawing and simple scientific language before putting their findings into practice to carry out their own dinosaur investigation.

1 hour session - £76

In our Evolution workshop for Years 5 & 6, pupils work scientifically using a variety of fossil specimens and sources to formulate their own theories before looking at fossil sequences to identify change over time. Pupils will gain subject specific vocabulary, questioning skills and use a variety of scientific evidence to explore the world of fossils.

1.5 hour session - £96            

Sessions take place at Cliffe Castle Museum and are available all year round.
Entry to the museum is free and wet lunch spaces are available.

Please email learning@bradford.gov.uk for more information or to make a booking.



Published: 26/01/2018
Audience: Science Co-ordinators, Reception and KS1 Class Teachers, Year 5 & 6 Class Teachers
Contact: Rebecca Dawson

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