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To be completed by: Tue 24 Apr 2018

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This course is run by Specialist Teaching Team within Behaviour Support Service

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Nurturing Talk Training

Nurturing Talk @ Primary is a targeted and flexible intervention programme created to specifically support the development of speech, language and communication skills in vulnerable children with social, emotional and mental health issues.

Initially children work on a one-one basis, moving on to partner work and then into small groups; with time scales bespoke to individual children and their developmental stage.

Many of the strategies and activities are also applicable to whole class situations and adaptable from EYFS to Key Stage 2/3.

The programme itself covers a range of aspects of working with vulnerable children, particularly how to build rapport, trust and respect, ensuring children are able to develop vital emotional literacy skills in the process.

The programme is based on the Vygotskian principles of developing a learner’s independence through initial modelling from a supporting adult/more skilled peer, with the development of specific language skills and behaviours an integral aspect of the programme. The strategies and activities delivered within the programme build on learning experience from both the classroom environment and within a nurture group or equivalent targeted group work.

Refreshments are included. Lunch is provided plus drinks on arrival, mid-morning and with lunch.

Tutors: Alison Smith / Sharon Carr

Please book by 27.04.18

You will receive:

  • NurturingTalk@Primary training booklet.
  • Talk Frameworks
  • Talkit Resource Pack

Suitable for

Teaching Assistants, SENCOs, Behaviour Leaders, HLTAs, Class Teachers and NQTs

EYFS to KS2/3

Date/s, times & venue

24.05.18 – 09.00am to 3.30pm – Margaret McMillan Tower


£185 per person including the 3 resources listed above




Published: 26/01/2018
Audience: Teaching Assistants, SENCOs, Behaviour Leaders, HLTAs, Class Teachers and NQTs EYFS to KS2/3
Contact: Lynda Hitchen

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