Very Important - Changes to the Ionising Radiation Regulations (2017)

To be completed by: Mon 05 Feb 2018

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The regulations controlling the use of radioactive materials changes on 1 January 2018.

This change will affect education employers. For schools where the Local Authority is the employer no action is needed on the part of the school. However, for individual Academies, Free Schools or MATs the resposibility for registering with the HSE falls to them as the employer. However MAT's only need to complete one registration for their group of schools.

The notification from the current regulations cannot be carried over - a new registration is required.

CLEAPSS have created a 'how to register guide', which you can access here. This includes a link to the HSE webform which you must use to register.

There is a one off charge of £25. Registration must be completed by 5th February 2018.There is no need to renew unless your organisation undergoes major changes.

Please refer to the CLEAPSS guide or website if further information is needed - they state that that as the sytem is new, minor changes are likely and they will update their website accordingly.


Published: 11/01/2018
Audience: Secondary Science Departments who Hold Radioactive Sources
Contact: Adam Varley

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