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The First Aid Schedule which runs from January to June 2018 is now available on our website.

Bradford Council are pleased to offer the following First Aid Training

  • The one-day Emergency First Aid (FA)
  • The two-day  Re-qualifying / Paediatric or the
  • Three day  First Aid at Work (FAW)
  • The Combined FAW and Paediatric FA
  • Annual 3-hour Refresher, CitizenAID and External Defibrillator course.?

Three Day First Aid at Work Course as agreed by Health & Safety Executives (HSE), it is designed to enable staff to become the designated First Aider or be able to undertake first aid duties where medical help is not immediately available.

Two Day Re-qualifying First Aid at Work (FAW) course is for those people who already hold the 3 Day First Aid at Work Certificate. 

Critical Points:- Please ensure before booking on this course that you:-

  1. Have completed the 3 Day First Aid at Work or a 2 Day Re-qualifying First Aid Course to be able to attend this 2 Day Re-qualifying First Aid Course.
  2. Your First Aid at Work Certificate has not expired by more than 28 days (if it has you will need to attend the 3 Day First Aid at Work Course)
  3. You must have your First Aid at Work Certificate to produce to the Trainer on the first day of this course.

The One Day Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course is designed to enable people to deal with emergencies, if needed until the ambulance service arrives.  

The Two Day First Aid Paediatric course is aimed at members of staff who as a part of their job work with children aged between 0 – 8 years.  

The 3 Day Combined First Aid at Work and Paediatric FA course is Ofqual regulated and is ideal for settings who need both Paediatric and First Aid at Work First Aiders, can achieve both qualifications on the same course. 

Once the individual attends, completes and passes the above courses, this then enables that person to receive a HSE validated certificate for a further 3 years. 

Annual 3 Hour Refresher First Aid HSE now recommends that in order that First Aiders' skills and knowledge is kept up-to-date the qualified First Aider upon completing and passing the course, they should undertake an annual 3 hour refresher course in Year 1 and 2.  In the  year the individual will need to attend the FA Re-qualifying course / Paediatric FA, 1 Day Emergency First Aid. Please note this course does not up-date your certificate, you still need to attend the full course 3 years after first completing. 

The 3 Hour QA Level 2 Award in citizenAID (RQF) has been specifically developed to help members of the public learn life-saving skills for use in extreme situations. Based on the citizenAID phone App and pocket guide, this regulated qualification is designed to teach people how to react safely, prioritise the injured and give first aid to victims in the event of a deliberate multiple casualty incident.

This 4 Hour QA Level 2 Award in Basic Life Support and Safe Use of an Automated External Defibrillator (QCF) qualification has been designed to provide candidates with the skills needed to administer safe, prompt and effective basic life support and use an AED safely in emergency situations.


Please note: Unfortunately, due to resources we do not have the facilities to be able to advise people when they are to attend the 3 hour Refresher course in years 1 & 2 and on year 3 the two Day Re-qualifying / 1 Day Course, therefore it is the responsibility of the individual and their line manager to ensure that they are placed on a Two Day Re-qualifying Course / 1 Day Course  before the date of the First Aid Certificate expiring. 

For further details to view all dates, venue and times, and to book a place on any of the above courses, please visit our website using the following the link:- Learn & Develop with Bradford

If you would like to be set up to be able to book all your staff onto this training and pay via invoice, please contact and ask to be set up as an 'organisational manager' on Learn & Develop with Bradford.


Published: 08/01/2018
Audience: All those working in education who require First Aid certification
Contact: Carol Mullins

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