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Good Morning Britain's "1 Million Minutes campaign" aims to combat loneliness in the run up to Christmas.

Following its successful launch last year, which saw the public donate an incredible 42 Million Minutes of their time, the aim is to make this year's campaign bigger and better.

Members of the public are urged to pledge to give their time to help those feeling lonely or isolated. These could be elderly people, carers or young parents.

Local Authorities are being asked to support the campaign by letting us know of any initiatives that schools are already engaged in where children are interacting with lonely people in their communities. 

These could be carol services, nativity plays, Christmas fairs, visits to care homes etc. Any time that is spent by children engaging with lonely people in their communities can easily be added to our grand total. 

The programme would like to mention specific schools that are getting involved with 1 Million Minutes and highlight the activities they're undertaking on Good Morning Britain. This would be great publicity for the individual schools and fun for the children to hear their school and their efforts mentioned on the programme.

We would really welcome your support on this important campaign and it would be great to chat this through with you in further detail.

In the meantime please see the following link for further information


Published: 06/12/2017
Audience: All Schools
Contact: Good Morning Britain

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