Reminder To Submit School Holiday Calendar for 2018/19

To be completed by: Wed 31 Jan 2018

Time: -Wed 31 Jan 2018 | Venue:

The collection of your school holiday dates for 2018/19 is now underway.

Please use the online Calendar Tool to submit your agreed holiday / occasional and training dates.

Please submit your 2018/19 calendar no later than 31st January 2018.

If you are unable to submit your calendar by this date or have any problems using the online Calendar Tool please informInformation Management Team via email (

To assist you with this collection and future collections we hope you will find the following timetable useful:


School Holiday Collection Timetable of Key Events:



Every year

Trade Union / Council Agree statutory holiday dates


Statutory holiday dates communicated to schools via BSO


Statutory holiday dates added to the calendar tool on BSO


School Governing Bodies meet and agree holiday / occasional and holiday dates

September to January

Final version of School calendar submitted to the Education Department via the calendar tool

31st January

Your school holiday and opening and closing times are vital information for the Education Department. They are used, for example, to arrange bus and taxi contracts, to inform Welfare Officers about school attendance; peripatetic staff for their timetables; and School Improvement visits.


Published: 01/12/2017
Audience: School Business Managers, Administrators, Headteachers, Data Managers
Contact: Rosie Brady

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