Top Quality Mark Award for Supplementary Schools

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A ceremony to recognise supplementary schools who have achieved their National Quality Mark was held at City Hall in presence of the Lord Mayor of Bradford and Judith Kirk, Deputy Director of Children's Services and other respected councillors and guests.

The Quality Mark Award ceremony was joined by guests from Bradford's diverse communities, community and civic leaders, representatives from supplementary schools as well children and young people who inspired the audience with their cutlural performances. 

Bradford Council, in partnership with the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE) has recently piloted the nationally recognised Quality Framework with the following schools:

1.    Bradford Polish School
2.    Bradford Chinese School
3.    Gurdwara Singh Sabha
4.    Madrasah Madania Tahfeezul Quran(MMTQ) (
completed the Bronze standard and is working towards the National        Quality Award).

The Bradford Polish School, Bradford Chinese School and Gurdwara Singh Sabha all completed the Quality Framework which is based upon eight standards:  

1.   Creating an effective learning environment

2.   Teaching and learning

3.   Recording and celebrating achievement

4.   Resources

5.   Planning including monitoring and evaluation

6.   Staff and volunteer management

7.   Safeguarding

8.   Financial management 

Javed Bashir, School Development Officer within Bradford Council’s Diversity & Cohesion Service, said:  “We held a Recognition Meeting with the schools in September where a portfolio of evidence of their work was presented to education experts. 

“The Bradford Polish School, Bradford Chinese School and Gurdwara Singh Sabha have all achieved the National Quality Award and the Madrasah Madania Tahfeezul Quran (MMTQ) gained the Bronze Award, which means they have completed the basic requirements for Safeguarding and now they will go on to complete the other elements which will see them also receive the National Quality Award in the future. 

“It is fantastic that we can welcome all those involved to an Awards Ceremony at City Hall. 

Coun Imran Khan, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Education, Employment and Skills, said:  “This is great news for these schools and our congratulations go to all those who have worked very hard to bring about this positive achievement.  

“We expect every Supplementary School in the district to achieve this Quality Mark, and the Council’s Diversity & Cohesion Service, which works with Supplementary Schools, is aiming for this to happen.” 

For more information on how to get involved please contact Javed Bashir on or call 01274-439385. 



Published: 24/11/2017
Audience: All
Contact: Javed Bashir

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