Road Safety Week

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This week is Brake Road Safety Week

The Road Safety Team works with schools all year round but this week is a good time to promote awareness. 

Please consider sending some or all of the following messages to parents and carers by text message or email:

  • This week is Road Safety Week. Last year 199 children were hurt on Bradford’s roads.
  • Seat belts save lives- don’t take the risk- always wear a seat belt.
  • Every child under 135cms needs a car seat or booster seat until 12 years old- It is the law!
  • If you look at your mobile phone for 2 seconds while driving at 30mph, you will have travelled 30 metres without looking at the road.
  • Make sure your child can be seen. Look for reflective details when buying coats or add fluorescent and reflective items.
  • Younger children get hurt while running ahead or lagging behind – always hold hands.
  • Older children walking alone are often distracted by mobile phones and music players - make sure they understand the dangers.
  • Always set a good example and talk to your children about how to cross the road safely; start from a young age.

Thank you for your help and support. 


Published: 20/11/2017
Audience: All schools
Contact: Road Safety

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