Coding at KS2 - Full day course 30 Nov 17

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Coding is an element of the Computing National Curriculum that is often perceived as one of the harder elements to teach. This course is based around delivering the Computer Science strand of the Bradford Computing scheme of work that details objectives and progression from Year 1 through to Year 6.

This Curriculum Innovation course will seek to address any concerns that you may have may have about the complexities of programming, provide you with a plethora of engaging activities and lesson sequences that you can use in your classroom straight away.

The course will be very hands on and include:
• Understanding and teaching the key vocabulary of coding at KS2.
• Teaching coding without a computer.
• Using ScratchJr to introduce programming at lower KS2.
• Utilising Kodu to introduce programming at lower KS2.
• Using Scratch to code games.
• Programming physical devices such a Micro:bits and Codebugs.
• Exploring useful websites and apps to support the teaching and learning of coding.
• Exploring the Bradford GameMaker’s Toolkit to enable pupils to create a range of interactive games.

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Published: 10/11/2017
Audience: Teachers of Computing in KS2
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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