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This year’s Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge takes place on Friday 24 November. We’re looking for schools to take part and give children and young people across the district the chance to work with adults and get involved in organisational decision-making.

Bradford is again taking part in the national Takeover Challenge which gives the district a fantastic opportunity to build on the success of the 2016 Takeover Challenge.


About the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge

Takeover Challenge gives children and young people across the country the chance to work with adults and get involved in organisational decision-making. Children benefit from having their views heard, having fun and being inspired and the adult world gets a fresh, unique and creative perspective on important issues.


In previous years a huge range of organisations and individuals from classroom teachers to senior politicians and TV celebrities have taken part in this inspirational and fun event. Hundreds of schools have been taken over by pupils and many creative partnerships have developed between schools and local organisations.


We have a wide range of professionals who have been prepared to share for their day (and beyond) by creating the opportunities for young people to takeover their roles. This will see many of the district’s young people actively influencing decision making and getting a great insight into the world of work.


About the Children’s Commissioner for England

The Children’s Commissioner for England champions, promotes, protects, raises awareness of and prompts others to respond to the rights, views and interests of all of England’s children. All of the commissioner’s work is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and in particular, Article 12 which states that children have a right to have their views heard on the decisions that affect their lives and for these views to be taken seriously.


To get involved in Takeover Challenge 2017 on 24 November, email


Published: 27/10/2017
Audience: Everyone
Contact: Heather Wilson

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