30 hours update – Guidance for parents on reconfirming their codes

To be completed by: Sun 31 Dec 2017

Time: -Sun 31 Dec 2017 | Venue:

A poster and guidance document is now on the 30 hour page on BSO for providers to support and encourage parents to reconfirm their 30 hour codes.

Parents who are accessing a 30 hour funded place this term need to know that it is their responsibility to reconfirm their code in order to access a place from January 2018. A poster is now available to display at your setting, put on websites/ social media, newsletters etc. There is also a guide on BSO for parents on how to reconfirm their code. Please disseminate this to your 30 hour parents.

These documents can be accessed through BSO on the 30 hour page.

Guidance on reconfirming codes

Is it time to reconfirm your 30 hour code POSTER

Guidance for parents on reconfirming their code



Published: 27/10/2017
Audience: All early years funded providers offering 30 hour places
Contact: Kay Holden

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