Train to Teach with Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT - 2018 Applications open NOW

To be completed by: Tue 31 Jul 2018

Time: -Tue 31 Jul 2018 | Venue:

Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT is excited to offer Teacher Training places for September 2018. Applicants can apply from NOW (26th October) through UCAS.

UCAS website can be found here:  or see our website for further details:

Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT is working with over 40 Primary and key Secondary partner schools in Bradford to deliver fee funded and salaried teacher training courses.

If you, or you know colleagues who are interested in becoming qualified Primary or Secondary teachers, now is the time to act and apply (from 26th October) to train to teach from September 2018.

The course is full time from late August to the end of June and is entirely within schools in Bradford. If your school hasn't previously been involved in teacher training its straight forward to get involved now.

See our website for further details: or give us a ring on 01274 543282 or email:

Applicants will need to apply through UCAS using the following codes:

  Course UCAS Code Provider
Primary Primary SCITT (Foundation and KS1) 2MHH BBt19 SCITT (259)
Primary SCITT (KS1 and KS2) 2MHJ
Schools Direct Primary Unsalaried 2MHN St Edmund's (1EN)
Schools Direct Primary Salaried 2MHM
Secondary (unsalaried) Biology 36TG BBt19 SCITT (259)
Chemistry 36TH
English 36TB
Maths 36TC
Physics 36TF
Secondary (unsalaried) English 35TZ Bingley Grammar School (2BP)
Physics 363P
Mathematics 363Q
Modern Languages 363R
Geography 363S
History 363V
Religious Education 363W
Chemistry 363Y
Biology 363Z
Physical Education 3642
Computing 3643
Drama 3644
Secondary (unsalaried) English 36CV Belle Vue Girls Academy (2G4)
Design and Technology 36BY
Physics 36CD
Mathematics 36CY
Modern Languages 36CS
Music 36C6
Geography 36CP
History 36CN
Religious Education 36CK
Chemistry 36CG
Biology 36CH
Computing 35TY
Drama 36C9
Secondary (unsalaried) English 35XH Beckfoot School (1MU)
Geography 35XJ
History 35XK
Mathematics 35XL
Physical Education 35XG


Published: 25/10/2017
Audience: Headteachers, HTLAs, TAs, Unqualified teachers
Contact: Anthony Waring

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