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Bradford Schools Online has received several articles recently promoting the work or services of external consultants.

BSO was developed as a way of allowing schools in the district to communicate with each other and with the local authority.  It provides an effective communication tool that allows everyone to receive the same information at the same time.

We do sometimes publish news items on BSO from external sources where we believe the information will be of interest or benefit to Bradford schools but we do not tend to publish items if they are promoting external services which conflict or competes with the council’s own services.

Each news item is judged on its own merits and we understand that schools might want to promote services which they think will be of benefit to other schools.

However we do not think it is appropriate for BSO to be used to advertise external providers and items which do this will not be published on the site.

This note is intended as a guide to schools to explain why some submitted articles are not appearing.


Published: 11/10/2017
Audience: Schools
Contact: John Roberts

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