British Red Cross FREE Educational workshops (First Aid/ Refugee Awareness)

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At the British Red Cross we offer FREE interactive, participatory and engaging workshops to ALL young people between the ages of 10- 19. The workshops that we offer are flexible and fit in around the school day. We offer sessions on First Aid and Refugees and stigmatising behaviour.

The sessions aim to develop the young people's tolerance, multiculturalism and their ability to help others. Through the interactive sessions the young people can either:

- develop their confidence and willingness to help and react to someone who is in medical danger through the learning of a variety of different first aid skills;

- Or they can build on their own empathy and understanding in terms of one of the world's biggest crisises in present day. The sessions around refugees and stigmatising behaviour use information, media and real stories to help them understand what is going on around them .


All sessions can last anything from 50 minutes to 2 hours- depending on time and availability. If you'd like to make a booking please contact me on the information below:



t: 07973505914


Published: 06/10/2017
Audience: Head teacher/ PSHE teacher/ head of year
Contact: Abigail Roach

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