REMINDER - New Early Education and Childcare Marketing Materials

To be completed by: Sat 09 Sep 2017

Time: -Sat 09 Sep 2017 | Venue:

As you will have heard during the 30 hour presentations last month, we are launching a rebrand of the early education and childcare materials.

There will also be leaflets, posters and vinyl banners for the 30 hours plus leaflets helping allay parents' fears about their child going to a childcare provision (and promoting a link to a video of parents talking about their experiences with using childcare).

PDFs of each version were sent by email.  These should be printed shortly but in the meantime we would like to know how many each provider / school would like of each.  Please note that the front of the early education for 2,3 and 4s leaflets will be the same image as the 2 posters and the reverse is currently being finalised but is simple bullet points and where to find further information.

Please reply by email to indicating the number you require of each material in the box below.  We are also planning to launch a different version of the vinyl banner (in the hope that these will be sturdier and more durable) called a Correx board (corrugated plastic), however as these do not roll or fold you will need to have a larger car to transport these (please see the dimensions below).


Name of Provision / School:


Contact Name:


Contact Email Address:



Type of Marketing

Number Required

Early Education (2,3 & 4s) A5 Leaflets - Girl


Early Education (2,3 & 4s) A5 Leaflets - Boy


Early Education (2,3 & 4s) A4 Posters - Girl


Early Education (2,3 & 4s) A4 Posters - Boy


Early Education (2,3 & 4s) Correx Boards (2,438mm x 610mm)


Early Education (2,3 & 4s) Vinyl Banners (2,438mm x 610mm)


Type of Marketing

Number Required

30 hour A5 leaflets


30 hour A4 posters


30 hour Vinyl Banners (2,438mm x 610mm)


Type of Marketing

Number Required

Choosing Childcare A5 Leaflets (the PDF is the draft version currently)



We will be in touch shortly about drop-in sessions for you to collect the new materials.


Published: 07/09/2017
Audience: Owners, managers, school business managers of early years providers and schools with nursery classes
Contact: Adele Baines

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