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We are pleased to announce that we will be going live with daily updates from 25 September.

The benefit to this is that a parent can apply for Free School Meals for their child and if they qualify the school can see this the very same day. 

This means that we will be making some changes to the data on Bradford Schools Online. Rather than being updated on a weekly basis the information will show in “real-time” and be a snapshot of the data currently held on our FSM database.

Email notifications will be sent out at 8:05, 11:05 and 12:05 each day with any additions or deletions. 

Therefore it is very important that you make sure your email address on BSO is correct to ensure you receive these. 

Full details of the changes will be available to view that day on BSO but there will no longer be any historic data.  Therefore we advise that you download and save the previous 4 weeks' data from now until we go live, so you can refer back to it in case of any queries.

As we have reiterated to you in the past only the children currently showing on your BSO list should be receiving a free meal.  Please do not rely on any other information (ie CTFs) to provide a free meal to a child. 

If you have any queries about daily updates or the information on BSO, please contact the team on 01274 434477 or email us at


Published: 06/09/2017
Audience: Head Teachers, School Business Managers, Free School Meal Administrators
Contact: Jonathan Smith or Paul Bland

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