Attachment Lead in Schools Training

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Thank you to all schools in promoting the educational achievement of all pupils looked after and adopted in our local authority. As you know it is these pupils who normally find it difficult to settle to learn, due to having experienced relational traumas.

Understanding how to support adopted, fostered and troubled pupils to settle and learn

TouchBase would like to partner with Bradford schools in initially supporting 24 members of staff from 12 schools to be attachment aware and trauma-informed. The Virtual School would like to offer your school the opportunity to buy in the 7 day Attachment Lead in Schools Training. Please be aware that the funding for the training would have to be agreed through your own school CPD budget.  Attached below is the flyer of the 7 day course, which gives details of the course content and structure, the entry requirements and university benefits. The days are spread out usually over about a year with practical assignments in between, as well as some extension reading to further understanding. The 24 members of staff (of 12 schools) are typically 12 senior managers to support updating school policy and practice and 12 members of support staff who can trial the strategies on the ground. Each member of staff focusses on one pupil for the duration of the course to ensure the principles and practices are truly embedded.

Attachment Lead in Schools training flyer

If you would like further information or if you would like to sign up for the training for your school please contact Keeley on or phone on 07719733922 or alternatively email the  for further information.



Published: 12/07/2017
Audience: Senior School Managers; Lead LAC staff; Safeguarding Leads; Inclusion and SENCO Managers
Contact: Rita Gilmore

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