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The BBC is showing this very short video on the news and on their website. It is a sobering reminder that petrol must be stored in a secure well ventilated place.

If you are storing petrol on the school site for use in mowers, leaf blowers etc. remember:

  • Keep the amount of petrol you store down to an absolute mininmum
  • Preferably just get enough petrol for that day
  • Only obtain one 5 litre cannister at a time
  • The cannister must meet safety (CE) standards and be marked up as doing so
  • Preferably, put the petrol straight into the the tank of the machine(s) you plan to use
  • Put the petrol into the machines in the open air, well away from any ignition source / drain
  • If any petrol is stored it must be in a secure and well ventilated place

Finally, if you can avoid storing petrol on site do so. The transport, storage and use of petrol is highly regulated and can lead to complex problems and/or serious incidents.


Published: 06/07/2017
Audience: All Head teachers, Business managers, Site Managers
Contact: Adam Varley

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