Bradford Retention Project

To be completed by: Fri 21 Jul 2017

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Help required from all schools for the Bradford Retention Project

As many of you who attended the headteacher summer briefings this week will know, I am working with Dr George Madine on the Bradford Retention Project.

I have been emailing you all over the last couple of months asking you and your staff to complete an online survey that George has spent many years developing. This survey is to ascertain the complexities of retention in teaching. It has been approved by DfE as a valid and useful tool. 

We are still short of responses from both primary and secondary sector to reach the full 95% confidence level required for full validity: 52 individual secondary and 35 individual primary responses. Please use link below:

Secondly, George and his team need to validate the findings in a series of face to face interviews with groups of teachers. These face to face meetings, of no more than 15 minutes per group, really need to happen prior to the summer break. Please could I ask for volunteer schools to make contact with me asap to arrange this?

The outcomes of this work will lead to a strategic plan to address those key issues which all schools are facing in the retention of teachers.


Kindest regards

Sara Rawnsley

Recruitment & Retention Strategy Manager


Published: 30/06/2017
Audience: Headteachers and Principals
Contact: Sara Rawnsley

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