New postcard sent to families of eligible 2 year olds -confirms eligibility

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Currently 74% (i.e. 3298) of eligible 2 year olds across the Bradford District are accessing a 2 year old early education place.

Ideally we would like all eligible children to be benefitting from this fantastic opportunity, which is why every eligible family on the list we receive from the Department for Education seven times a year receive two postcards each time to tell them about the places.

The style of this postcard has recently changed and now states their child qualifies for a place, previously it stated they "may" be eligible and they needed to check.  Now on the reverse it advises the parent to:

Simply take this postcard along with proof of your identity to your chosen childcare provider to get a place for your child.

If any parent / carer shows you one of these postacrds (predominantly yellow and blue rather than the original yellow and red) and their ID then you can give them a place automatically without performing an eligibility check or requiring paper proof of eligibility.  Simply keep the postcard for your records in case you are audited.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email to


Published: 20/06/2017
Audience: Settings / schools providing 2 year old early education places
Contact: Adele Baines

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