Eye Tests and Glasses for School Staff

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You may be aware that employees are legally entitled to have a display screen equipment eye test paid for by the employer, usually every two years. The Council has set a maximum of £25 for this.

In order to be entitled to this employees must:

•      use display screen equipment for continuous or near continuous spells of an hour or more at         a time AND

•      use it more or less every day, AND

•      are highly dependent on display screen equipment, or have little choice about using it, or         need special training or skills to use it, or have to transfer information quickly, or need to apply         high levels of attention and concentration to it.


Employees will need to ask their optician to fill in this form Optician Form for DSE Eye Tests (see Appendix 2 on page 14).

Employers are not responsible for any corrections of vision defects which are not related to display screen equipment work. On the rare occasions where the optician specifies that glasses are required for display screen equipment use at work, the manager is required to meet the costs associated with providing a basic spectacle frame and the prescribed lenses when the optician ticks box c) or d) on the Optician Form. A limit of no more than £50 has been set for this.

Receipts must be kept and claims processed via ESS where the employee has access. If the employee does not have ESS access please contact payroll on 01274 432443.

NOTE - there is no central budget for eye tests or contributions towards spectacles, these costs are met from the manager’s own budget.


Published: 09/06/2017
Audience: All Staff
Contact: Carol Nicholson

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