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Sherkey Flatts is an interactive multimedia detective adventure for upper Key Stage 2 allowing children to access ‘clues’ from a variety of digital media / free online resources and use a lot of inference and deduction to solve the mystery.

Each week (for 5 weeks) schools will receive lesson plans and teaching materials (including solutions) setting the children problems they need to overcome to ultimately solve the mystery. Some schools deliver this as a single lesson each week while other schools develop the materials into a mini topic.

This is the third such mystery and has proven very popular with schools across the district. If you subscribe to Premium Services then the resources are absolutely free.

If you are not a Premium Services subscriber then the cost is £75 per school.

Just sign up here ASAP as the adventure starts on the 12 June -

Information about the mystery can be found below:-

This year the mystery is far more worrying; Sherkey has gone missing!

A few weeks ago Sherkey received a call from a mystery woman who was called Mrs Jayne Borriarty who said she needed some help to solve what she called the ‘crime of the century’. Naturally, this information appealed to Sherkey and after some phone calls from an unregistered number, Sherkey arranged to meet Mrs Borriarty. For security reasons the location was sent to Sherkey at the last minute and as a precaution he sent this location to his ever reliable partner Javeira.

Mysteriously, on the day of the meeting, Sherkey’s car would not start and he was forced to get a taxi to the meeting. Unfortunately, this was the last time we heard from Sherkey and a worried Javeira travelled to the address she had been given (a coffee shop in the Bradford Broadway Centre) to find him. He was not there and after checking all the local CCTV cameras it was clear that he had never been in the Broadway Centre that day. She has contacted local Police and they have been unable to shed any light on the case and so once again we ask the children of Bradford to use their problem solving prowess to save the day!

Javeira believes this could be one of her biggest challenges yet, bigger even than the mystery of the elephant who thought he was a mouse and the case of the baker and the exploding loaves. She is very keen to enrol the help of schools across the region to help her as associate detectives.


Published: 23/05/2017
Audience: All Primary School Staff
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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