Pre Retirement and Financial Planning Seminar - Monday 5 June, 9am - 4pm

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If you are within 2 years of retirement this full day seminar in Bradford City Centre is for you.

Bradford Council has arranged a Pre-Retirement and Financial Planning Seminar  

The providers of the seminar are True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners. 

Important: It is not suitable to attend this seminar unless you are within 2 years of retirement due to the financial information provided by True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners, this information is subject to change on a regular basis. 

Session highlights include: 

Managing Change 

  • Psychological changes
  • Emotional upheaval
  • Relationships
  • New interests and hobbies 

Occupational Pensions (West Yorkshire Pension Fund) 

  • What is your pensions benefit
  • Calculation of work pensions 

Financial Planning – Independent Financial Advice 

  • Income and Growth / Taxation
  • Investment Advice
  • ndependent Financial Advice and Wealth Management
  • Risk vs Reward
  • Accessibility
  • Inflation 

Legal Services Guild 

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Protection and Assets 

Benefits provided by the state

  • Job seeker's allowances
  • Statutory State Pension
  • National Insurance considerations
  • Other welfare benefits 

Followed by Questions and Evaluation 

Target audience: The seminar is targeted at any employee who is approaching retirement (within 2 years) or any individual who has requested to take voluntary redundancy. 

Cost £50 per person

5 June 2017,  9am to 4pm

To book a place:
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Pre Retirement and Financial Planning Seminar

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Pre Retirement and Financial Planning Seminar

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If you require further information or support in booking a place please contact Bradford Council's Workforce Development Team on 01274 434503 or email



Published: 17/05/2017
Audience: Any teaching staff who plan on retiring within the next two years
Contact: Workforce Development - Bradford Council

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