Old £5 Notes – Important Briefing – Action immediately

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The old paper £5 note, featuring Elizabeth Fry, will be withdrawn from circulation on 5th May 2017. If you accept cash as a method of payment, you need to prepare for the change as follows:

  • ·         Display the posters you will receive in your envopak in any customer access points – including on the front of each of your revaluation machines and alongside any dropboxes you may have
  • ·         Ask school to inform all parents/Carers that old £5 will not be accepted after 5th May
  • ·         Make sure all your staff know about the change
  • ·         In the run up to 5th May bank all paper £5 notes at the earliest opportunity
  • ·         Do not give paper £5 notes to your customers as change unless unavoidable
  • ·         Check your cash floats, safes & cashboxes and exchange any paper £5 notes for polymer ones


After 5th May you must not accept paper £5 notes from customers.

Any questions please contact a member of the finance admin team at Laisterdyke.



Published: 26/04/2017
Audience: All
Contact: Andrew Illingworth

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