IR35 – ‘off payroll’ workers

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IR35 – ‘off payroll’ workers BMDC procurement, HR and payroll services are working together to provide schools with a solution for dealing with ‘off payroll’ workers, this is usually referred to as IR35.

Until our computer systems can be adapted to accommodate these cases in our normal payroll process the procurement team have provided a solution.  The solution is cumbersome and far from ideal however it is only temporary.  Instructions for this process can be found in the document ‘Commensura Instructions for Schools’

In order for schools, academies, trusts and the council to meet their tax obligations it is vital that each school introduces this process for any contractors that are paid ‘off payroll’ 

Commensura Instructions for Schools - CLICK HERE

Commensura Schools Data Form - CLICK HERE


Published: 26/04/2017
Audience: All
Contact: Allan Stobbs

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