One Britain One Nation OBON launches 'Count Me In' Invitation

To be completed by: Fri 17 Mar 2017

Time: -Fri 17 Mar 2017 | Venue:

Will you be taking part in this year's One Britain One Nation OBON Day in June.

OBON now wishes to build on the success that has been generated by reaching out to all our people.

On Friday 24th of March 2017 @ 10.30am at City Hall, OBON will initiate ‘A Call to Action’ from a Civic Event Hosted by The Lord Mayor of Bradford.


This ‘Call to Action’ is intended to reach out to the children of our schools and all the educational establishments for them to celebrate Friday 23rd of June 2017. This day will give our schools an opportunity to create a celebration as they see appropriate to demonstrate their patriotism and belief in Britain, express their sense of Britishness and gain a sense of belonging. Its focus will be to create a sense of national unity and pride by strengthening our national identity and forging a sense of togetherness, so that every child can be inspired to love their nation. 
It will encourage all our children to be proud and responsible citizens, bolstered by self-esteem and the knowledge of the role they have to play in the country’s future. It will also allow our children to restore, strengthen and promote the Fundamental British Values of tolerance, respect and fair play, a belief in freedom and democracy in accordance with the National Curriculum.
Further information and your formal invite can be found below:


Published: 06/03/2017
Audience: All
Contact: Samantha Padgett

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