Nurturing Schools Programme - 2nd cohort dates 28 & 29 Sept 2017

To be completed by: Thu 14 Sep 2017

Time: -Thu 14 Sep 2017 | Venue:

The National Nurturing Schools Programme is to compliment nurture groups and to also be effective in schools where nurture groups are not possible for whatever reason.

The new programme is based on the six principles of nurture that have successfully underpinned nurture groups for over 40 years but does not replace nurture groups as a more focused intervention for those identified in need of nurture group provision.

The programme takes place over a two-year period. Two members of senior staff attend the initial two-day training and induction programme, followed by specific follow-up tasks over the next 12 months and another progress and application day one year after the induction programme.

The school is then assessed against its performance targets within the Nurturing Schools Framework.

The course is a two year commitment and costs £660 plus VAT in the first year and £650 plus VAT in the second year (per school). This is payable to The Nurture Group Network who will invoice your school.


Lynda hitchen is coordinating the training days on behalf of The Nurture Group Network (National).


To book please email details of the 2 members of staff that will be attending. Names, email address and job titles. One has to be a member of SLT.

Please have a look at the presentations from our launch day, they are on BSO scroll to the bottom of the Nurture Group page:

Please see link to Bradford Schools Online – Nurture Groups Page



Published: 03/03/2017
Audience: Headteachers, Deputies, All SLT and Nurture Practioners
Contact: Lynda Hitchen

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