NAHT School Funding Crisis Meeting Monday 6th March 10am **All welcome**

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Time: -Mon 06 Mar 2017 | Venue:

Schools Funding Crisis Meeting which is planned for Monday 6th March from 10.00am to 12.00 noon.

This will take place at the South Bank, Provident Stadium, Odsal, BD6 1BS.  Rob Kelsall (NAHT senior regional officer) will talk about the issues which are associated with the real term cuts in school budgets and also explain what we can do to make our voices heard by the government.  Media have also been invited.  This event is open to NAHT and non-NAHT members and anyone with an interest in school budgets is welcome to attend.

As you are aware, Bradford has a higher proportion of children from disadvantaged backgrounds than the national average. As a result of the cuts, a significant number of the support staff who help these vulnerable children will no longer be in schools as they will be unaffordable.  In the last few months I have seen many local schools having no choice but to make significant cuts, leading to reductions in staff. By 2020, if nothing changes, a typical one form primary school is likely to have to lose two teachers. This could be up to six teachers for a three form entry school. The prospect of larger class sizes does not inspire confidence and these factors can only have a negative impact on pupils’ progress and attainment. In secondary schools there may have to be a reduction in the number of subjects taught, thus leading to a narrower curriculum. . The young people in our schools will not receive a second chance for this to be put right.
With increased employer contributions towards pensions, national insurance and the apprenticeship levy, plus inflation, the actual funding per pupil will reduce in real terms by more than eight per cent.
These are very difficult times for school leaders with the government expecting more to be done with less.
If you have time to join us on Monday 6th March, please will you send Adrian Cogill, a brief email to say you are coming
We have so much to contend with in schools these days and, in view of the current funding situation, it is vital that we stand together in order to let the government know that we, the professionals, are not prepared to see our schools suffer due to inadequate funding from central government.
Please make every effort to attend.




Published: 02/03/2017
Audience: Headteachers, School Business mangers, Senior Leaders, Governors
Contact: Caroline Carr

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