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The Film and Animation Competition supported by Bradford City of Film is an annual event designed to showcase the digital media work created by students over the last academic year. This year the final will be held on the morning of Tuesday 11 July at Cineworld Bradford.

The event is open to all Curriculum Innovation subscribing schools and any Bradford Special school and is split into 3 age ranges Key Stage 1, Year 3 and Year 4 and Year 5 and Year 6 and 4 categories as follows:-

Visual story: This category was introduced in 2012 expanding on the Photostory 3 category from previous years and entries can be submitted using any software that combines still images into a video that tells a story or explains something. The images are usually enhanced with the addition of text, music, voice overs and transitions.

Animation: This is a very popular category where children can create simple or more complex stop frame animations using plastic models, plasticine and paper/card cutouts. Some schools also use more sophisticated software allowing simple CGI (computer generated graphics) and blue / green screen technology similar to that seen on weather programs.

Film: This category has been used for many years by schools to allow children to develop literacy skills through the creation of short films. The Media Literacy Leaders Project has demonstrated that the effective use of film can raise attainment in literacy and particularly writing. This category allows schools to showcase the wonderful work they have created in the last 12 months.

Photography: The photography category was introduced in 2013 and each participating school can enter up to 3 photographs from each of the age ranges with the theme of 'Nature'.

Please see the categories section for further details of the category requirements which need to be adhered to for your entry to be considered - note these differ for Bradford Special schools. Entries which go over the specified time limits will not be accepted.

To enter you have to be a Curriculum Innovation subscribing school or a Special school. Please register your interest by Friday 24 February, note you do not need to submit your entries by this date.

Once you have created your entry you will be asked to upload it to an online storage space no later than Friday 27 May (we will provide you with simple instructions on how to do this).  Please note each school can enter a maximum of one entry per category per age range.  If you have multiple entries for a category we suggest you hold your very own short-listing event in school to decide which entry to submit.

All entries submitted by the closing date will be reviewed and a short list of finalists will be created.  The finalists will be notified by Friday 16 June and invited to the black tie / red carpet finals event on the morning of Tuesday 11 July at Cineworld, Bradford Leisure Exchange.

During the finals all short listed entries are shown on the large screen and the audience then uses an interactive voting system to vote for the winners who are presented with a Bradford City of Film Achievement Award and prizes.

To register to take part please click here or to find out more click here.


Published: 24/02/2017
Audience: ICT Subject Leaders - Primary & Special Schools
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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