Substance Misuse in Children and Young People

To be completed by: Sun 22 Jan 2017

Time: -Sun 22 Jan 2017 | Venue:

To apply evidence based models to an understanding of the nature of substance misuse in young people enabling the use of appropriate strategies to meet their emotional and social wellbeing needs

Objectives : By the end of the course participants will be…

  • More aware of the patterns of local drug use among young people
  • Aware of the significance of attitudes to drug use and substance misuse among young people
  • Able to apply cognitive and addiction behaviour models to perceptions of the level of threat that substance use poses to emotional wellbeing
  • Able to apply to practice, models of behaviour change and interventions that support substance using young people to activate more helpful resilience building behaviours


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Published: 20/01/2017
Audience: This is a Bradford district wide multi-agency course for anyone working in health, services to child
Contact: Sadaf Iqbal

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